Our motivation is fueled by a drive to consistently create amazing work. Work our clients can be proud of. Period.

What we do

Graphic design

We can design for Arfica. And for you too lowkey.

We don’t just stop at design however. Because we posses a deep understanding of market systems and how great design promotes businesses, we offer insightful advice on how our work can help our clients build that future they dream of much faster than they anticipated.

We like to work with clients from the very beginning… from generating a name for your business to designing a logo and even a tagline(slogan) and we stick with our clients even after a successful startup to maintain a coherent design structure.

Computer animation

Our animation service encompasses the entire process from the initial story idea, the script, storyboards, score and to the final output.

Whether it’s a TVC, an explainer video or even a cartoon series, over the years, we have worked to refine the labour intensive, money eating, time consuming, headache donating process of animation into something much faster and more affordable to produce.

We can advise on the best style to employ with any given budget you have without compromising on quality.


Visual effects

Thunder from Thor, fire from Shango or a shot with Issakaba fighting, we will create everything you can imagine. And things you find difficult to.